1.  Does my registration cover all of Australia?
 This registration is for the purpose of properties managed by Colliers International in Western Australia.
2.  How long does it take to complete my registration?

It will only take 10-15 minutes to complete the registration process providing you have all your supporting documentation ready to upload. Documents (documents marked with * are compulsory):

a. Current certificates of insurances
    - Workers Compensation *
    - Public Liability *
    - Professional Indemnity (If applicable *)
    - Any other insurances eg Pollution, Pest Control, Electrical Thermographic, Asbestos Removal 
b. Sole Trader registration or company registration certificates *
c. Company Profile Supporting documentation
d. Supporting documentation with respect to any bankruptcy.
e. Key Personnel CV - you must provide details of all key personnel, including anyone listed on a license
f. Electrical, Security, Plumbing and Building License (if applicable *)
g. Supporting documentation relating to responsiveness
h. Supporting document for current projects
i Supporting document in relation to OH&S procedures
j. Relevant information for Environmental and Social Responsibilities.

3. What if I cannot complete the registration in one step?

You can save your application when registering at any time. You will be sent an access code via email with a link to reopen the registration allowing you complete the process.

4. Can I choose more than one type of service?

Yes you may choose any number of applicable services that your business can support.  However if you select Electrical, Plumbing, Building and Construction or Security you must be able to provide copies of current licenses corresponding to those services.  Please note that if you provide a license in a person's name you must include they as a Key Person in the application.

5. Can I choose more than one Preferred Location/Region?

Yes providing your business can support those areas selected.  If you select all regions you must provide evidence to support provision of services in regional areas.

6. Can I choose more than one Work Level Capability?

Yes, providing you can support the levels selected.  Please ensure that you select the correct work level - eg if you select $20,000 and $150,000 you will not be able to assigned jobs under $20,000.

7. Which type of credit card can I use for the registration fee?

Only Visa or Mastercard are supported.

8. Who assesses my application?

Only qualified personnel will assess your application. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

9. When can I expect to receive a response?

You will receive a response with 7 working days.

10. If my application is declined can I reapply?

You will be notified as to why your application has been rejected and if applicable be re invited to apply providing you can provide the requested information to facilitate the approval of your application. There will be no charge for reapplication.

11. How long will my “Preferred Contractor Status” remain?

The Preferred Status will be valid for a period of 12 months from approval at which time you will need to reapply. On reapplication certain information will be repopulated for you simplifying renewal the process. A reminder email will be sent to the designated email 4 weeks prior to expiry and again at 2 weeks and on date of expiry. Please note that the annual renewal is an extension of our current practice where insurances and licenses already need to be updated annually and uploaded to the system when requested.

12. What if my insurances expire before my Preferred Contractor Status?

Colliers International (WA) Pty Ltd cannot assign any works to a contractor that does not have current insurances in place and uploaded to our system. A reminder email will be sent to you 2 weeks prior to when your insurances are due for renewal. Once renewed you will be able to upload these insurance details and certificates via your login.

13. What if I can no longer perform the services in accordance with my approval?

You must notify Colliers International immediately.

14. What if I am able to provide additional services after my application is approved?

Please provide evidence to support these additional services to Colliers eCommerce. These services will be reviewed by our evaluators and a response provided to you.

15. How will I receive tender documentation?

Any tenders will be sent via the Quotations Module where you will be asked to upload your quotation or "Opt Out".  If the date for the quote request has passed then you will be unable to upload your quotation - please DO NOT upload your quotation to a comment section.

16. How will I be assigned work by Colliers?

Works will be assigned through the Colliers International Work Request System – please refer to the Technology Page. If your application is approved you will be sent a Work Request Manual with full instructions on how to deal with works assigned to you.

17. It will not accept my hourly rates?
Make sure you do not enter any value other than a number.  If you leave blank of put in dollar signs it will not allow you to continue. If you do not have rates to provide, enter in a zero in each field.
18. What if I cannot find my original ABN or ACN certificates?
You can download or copy an extract from the ASIC web site. 
19. I cannot upload a document to my application?
Any document uploaded to the application must be in a pdf format.
20. If I am a trust or partnership do I select Sole Trader or Company?
You must register as a company, only those businesses that have a sole proprietor may apply as a sole trader.
21. What supporting documentation should I provide for my bank account?
 You can provide either:

- a copy of your deposit slip OR
- an excerpt from the top of your bank statement 
22. What are the asset classes used for eg  Retail, Commercial, Strata or Residential?
By selecting these asset classes you are acknowledging that you can provides services to these types of properties including strata apartment buildings and residential homes.