Welcome - Colliers International in Western Australia
The Colliers International Preferred Contractor System is a highly secure, single repository of contractor data used for Colliers International for Western Australia. Contractor registration provides common data in one central location via a simple web application accessed by a browser and you control the accuracy of your business information.  Annual renewal is required to remain active, reminders are sent out when renewal is iminent.

Our intention is to increase the quality of services we offer to our clients and reward contractors who perform well, with a preferred contractor status.

Benefits of becoming a Preferred Contractor of Colliers International in Perth:
  1. You will be registered for the opportunity to provide services against all Colliers International (WA) Pty Ltd properties in regions that you have selected.
  2. You will be part of the Quotations module for requests for quotations from our management staff as required.
  3. Once registed all employees must complete the Colliers online Induction Process.  To complete the induction employees will need to use your ABN number.  Please note employees must NOT register using another company ABN even if subcontracted by another company.
  4. You will be able to view your average star rating awarded to you by our property managers for works previously completed.
  5. You will be able to use your "Preferred Contractor" status in the marketing of your services.
Colliers International reserves the right to reject any application that does not properly address and satisfy any of the Qualitative Requirements.

Criteria for Registration
1. Currency of Insurances Mandatory
2. Key Personnel 20% weighting
3. Responsiveness 15% weighting
4. Current Projects 10% weighting
5. OH&S 25% weighting
6. Work Level Capability 10% weighting
7. Commitment to Social and Environmental Responsibility 10% weighting
8. Data Security 5% weighting 
9. Preferred Locations  5% weighting

Contractors must agree to the terms and conditions of the Colliers International "Preferred Contractor System" prior to registration.

This registration is integrated with the myBuildings platform of property web sites for on-line Work Requests and contractors agree to use the systems for receipt of work orders and quotation requests and uploading of reports and invoices for payment.  (See technology for more information about the Colliers Work Request System in WA)