Work Request System
Colliers International (WA) Pty Ltd utilises the Work Request System (WRS) fault reporting module of the "My Buildings" platform which affords tenants a reliable, responsive facility for work requests and enquiries. The WRS provides a consistent and locally based single point of initial personal contact for all aspects of tenant enquiry.

Key features of the WRS approach include:  
  • a 24 hour single point of contact
  • single point of contact for coordinating contractor responses
  • determination of the nature of service, its urgency and appropriate action to be taken
  • capture and management of all relevant request, action and progress details through a transparent audit trail
  • allocation of automated service requests to appropriate and approved contractors
  • notification to the Facilities Manager/Property Manager on progress of works
  • the allocation/aggregation of non-urgent service requests for inclusion within a contractor’s next scheduled site visit

  1. The WRS enables Tenants/Property Managers to complete a simple form detailing their enquiry.
  2. The enquiry is given a unique job code.
  3. The enquiry is then sent by email, SMS or a combination of both options to the designated management personnel assigned to the building/or direct to the contractor.
  4. The Property/Facility Manager can then update the request detailing actions to be taken and assigns the job to a contractor.
  5. Running Sheet across all properties with "Traffic LIght System" identifying jobs oustanding against the expected completion time.
  6. Contractors are required to update the status of any jobs in the their running sheets and also close the job when the job is completed and upload invoices to each job so that may be tracked by the Property/Facility Manager in their finance division enabling prompt payment of accounts. (see terms and conditions)
  7. An audit trail is attached to each job showing the complete history of each job for management.
  8. Quotation module for uploading of your quotations for works requested by our managers. 

The Tenant, Owner, Manager or Contractor can login into the system and ascertain how many jobs are New, In Progress or Complete by searching for work requests.

Automatic reminder emails are sent to both Contractor and Management 4 and 2 weeks from expiry of registration as a preferred contractor.

Insurances of contractors are checked with reminders sent 2 weeks prior to expiry enabling the contractor upload their current insurances to the system.  Note that any contractor with expired insurances cannot be issue any works through the WRS.

Contractor licenses are also tracked for certain works including, Electrical, Plumbing, Building and Construction, etc